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This program comes from the need to connect people who have been displaced in The Bahamas with people in the United States or elsewhere who may have the resources to help a person or a family for a period of time.

We know in times of need like these we sometimes have to rely on the willingness and generosity of strangers to help provide for the needs of those they do not know but who need life-sustaining help. These situations can be difficult for everyone involved.

People-to-People is an effort that has been organized to help those who can provide help link up with those who need help. The assistance can range from housing accommodations to providing basic everyday essentials to helping with getting people on their feet again who lost everything in the hurricane.

Think of it as a match dot com, where those who are providing help and those who are needing help can interview each other to make sure they’re the right fit for one another. We will simply provide the platform for you to list that you are providing assistance or that you are needing assistance, and then we will match you up and provide your contact information to each other.

It’s that simple. If you can help or if you need help, please fill out the form at to begin the process.

And if you have any questions, feel free to email us at 

Matt Kennicott