Treasure Cay Relief

SEPTEMBER 16, 2019
2145 EST
As a reminder, it has come to our attention that food and water supplies are incredibly limited at Treasure Cay. Fuel supplies are almost non-existent. There are no emergency medical services to assist those who sustain injuries. The safety of those who are on the ground cannot be guaranteed. For these reasons, it is strongly advised that homeowners and others please do not enter Treasure Cay at this point. Having more people in the area will put additional strain on existing resources. Relief efforts are underway, but until a plan is put in place and action occurs on the plan, those who are on the ground must be largely self-sustaining and should realize that the situation is not one that is sustainable. If you have any questions, please email us at We will keep you posted as this situation develops.
The boat ramp and waterway have been cleared of enough debris to allow for some waterborne operations in the area. Previously, the amount of debris had been so massive that it was difficult to conduct any kind of operations in the area. With the removal, boats will now be able to launch and other clean-up efforts of the harbor will now be able to take place with a little more ease. In addition, more harbor security will be able to take place. (Source: Internal communications.)
Last night the Bahamian government issued an immediate ban and no build order on any new buildings in the four major shantytowns across Abaco. The prohibition order applies to The Mudd, Pigeon Pea, Sand Bank, and The Farm. The order took effect immediately. For more information on the order and the history of the government cracking down on shantytowns, the Nassau Guardian has a piece at The entire order can be found at
Communications have come in that flooding was much worse than initially thought in Treasure Cay. Many structures will have to be gutted with all of the sheetrock removed due to the development of mold over time. Initially, it was thought that some places would be useful for temporary housing of insurance adjusters and others who need access to the area in order to complete rescue and recovery work. With that not being possible, the plan is to erect 25 tents tomorrow and an additional 75 likely available starting on Wednesday either on the soccer field or at Atlantis with the other tent camp. In addition, we are working towards the goal of two hot meals a day that will be served to those on the ground, although this may take some time. The next need will likely be for cots, air mattresses, and other basic camping supplies in order to make this area more sustainable for at least an interim period. All of this has been made possible by the work Dan Proctor has done with the United Aid Foundation ( (Source: Internal communications.)
Team Rubicon is now basing some of their operations out of the parsonage in Treasure Cay. Their efforts have focused on rescue, recovery, and search missions throughout Abaco. We are incredibly thankful to have them on the ground, and their presence is transforming the area into a new downtown for Treasure Cay. You can find more information on Team Rubicon at

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In the time since Hurricane Dorian swept through the Bahamas, World Central Kitchen has stepped up to the challenge of providing hot food to many throughout the islands. As of last night, they have served over 250,000 meals to Bahamians, Haitians, and many others who survived the storm. Meals are cooked in Nassau from their #ChefsForBahamas kitchen and are flown to Abaco by helicopter. Their teams then distribute the meals far and wide to churches, community centers, and other places where people are taking shelter. You can find out more about this work at


Donation Information:
Many have asked for ways to donate to rescue, relief, and recovery efforts for Treasure Cay. The Treasure Cay Community Foundation (TCCF) has a GoFundMe effort running. Those who wish to give can visit in order to donate. Instructions on donating by check and how to wire donations are included on the website at
The Treasure Cay Community Foundation (TCCF) has established a donor-advised fund through Canada Gives to facilitate Canadians who wish to support the humanitarian relief effort in this region.  For more information and to donate, please visit (Source: David Lloyd)
NOTE: Information in these situational reports have been obtained from various sources, especially on the ground and through media. We have done our best to vet and confirm these reports, but as is the case in any massive natural disaster, it is difficult to confirm everything to be 100% accurate. If we make an error, we will work to correct it as soon as accurately possible. We will list sources as they are available. If you feel something has been reported in error, please email us at
Abaco Insurance Claims:
A letter from Abaco Insurance can be found at explaining the current claims process and how to file a claim.
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