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Treasure Cay Relief

SEPTEMBER 30, 2019
2215 EST
Housing Needed: New need has arisen for housing for on the ground workers volunteering with ongoing recovery efforts in and around Treasure Cay. We are aware of at least one NGO that has housing needs for their volunteers. They are looking for a place that will hold up to a maximum of 8 people for about one week. If you have available housing or know of anything in good enough shape in Treasure Cay, please let us know by sending an email to
Amazon Wishlist: Many Bahamians and those who live in Treasure Cay have lost everything due to Dorian. We have been receiving requests for various items to make the living conditions more comfortable in addition to items that will help with repairs and rebuilding including tools for vehicle repair, landscaping tools, flatware, paper goods, and many other items. We need your help! If you can contribute, please visit the Treasure Cay Amazon Wishlist at You can purchase items that are needed directly on that list. From there, they will be shipped to one of our wonderful volunteers on the ground in Florida who will then work to get the items to those requesting them on the ground in Treasure Cay. Your contribution to this effort, no matter how big or small, will go a long way towards restoring hope for those in Abaco.
Todd Brooks: We recently received an email from Todd Brooks, owner of 2377 Royal Palm. He went in to Treasure Cay and offers his perspective as a homeowner.
Royal Palm neighbors, 
I have returned from Treasure Cay after completely gutting my unit.  I have included photos via dropbox link below.  
I hope this information helps.  I know as a property owner bad news is better than no news at all.  
I can answer any questions you may have.  You can email me directly at
In my opinion: 
Unless you have backcountry camping experience and equipment, I would not go to Treasure Cay.  There is no power, water, sewer, food, shelter.  
The pics do not do it justice.  It is widespread destruction.  Hazards with nails in boards, glass, sheet metal, and worse of all MOLD, rotten food, and sewer water.  
The smell is not pleasant. 
In my opinion: 
You may want to consider hiring local residents to gut or at least mold mitigate your unit.
    1) The widespread mold is a health hazard
    2) Midigating mold shows the insurance company you are trying to preserve/protect your property.  (sometimes a requirement in insurance policies) 
    3) The adjusters can see the underlying structure 
    4) Your dollars go to a hard-working Treasure Cay resident who probably lost everything themselves and could use the cash for fuel and materials. 
    5) Your unit will/may be safe enough to be used by relief workers/adjusters/local residents
I estimate $1200-$1500 total cost to gut.  That’s tools/equipment and 3 people working 3 days (60-75 man-hours).   
Day 1 - remove contents, Day 2 - remove drywall, Day 3 - clean floors and spray walls with disinfectant. (If there is interest - I can create a detailed list).  
In my opinion: 
It would be nice if we all worked together and got a concerted effort to clean out these units through the HOA rather than individual owners: 
     1) So owners don’t get price gouged - which I witnessed firsthand. 
     2) Each owner would not have to buy the same tools and equipment.  It could be used for multiple units. 
     3) The HOA know who works (worked) for Royal Palm/TCPOA/Resort so those employees should get first rights to work. 
    4) There could be a tax donation benefit if a unit owner donates money and the HOA handles it as a service. 
I have a lot more observations and opinions that are beyond the scope of this email.  
I would be glad to share if asked a specific question, but I will not use this opportunity to vent my unsolicited opinion.   
I look forward to seeing you all over cocktails once Treasure Cay is back up and functioning 
(Hopefully sooner than later) 
Todd Brooks 
2377 Royal Palm
Third Wave Volunteers: This organization was founded out of a growing need for volunteers throughout the world due to growing disasters, both man-made and naturally occurring. They have worked on disasters throughout the world from 9/11 to Katrina to typhoons to Chicago and many other disasters in between. Their belief is that everyone is needed.
Third Wave is currently including manpower in and around the Treasure Cay area. Their assistance has been far-reaching. Missions have included moving aid from Treasure Cay to other areas including the Farm and Blackwood, provided solar lights for shelters, worked with other NGOs to build storage, community hubs, put out a fire in Blackwood, and have worked with Colin Albury to make the emergency pumper truck operational again.
These fine folks have been putting a lot of hours and a lot of hard work since just after the storm hit. They’re looking for volunteers of all kinds. If you’d like to volunteer, fill out their form here (
) and they will be in touch. For more information on Third Wave Volunteers, visit them at
Donation Information:
Many have asked for ways to donate to rescue, relief, and recovery efforts for Treasure Cay. The Treasure Cay Community Foundation (TCCF) has a GoFundMe effort running. Those who wish to give can visit in order to donate. Instructions on donating by check and how to wire donations are included on the website at
The Treasure Cay Community Foundation (TCCF) has established a donor-advised fund through Canada Gives to facilitate Canadians who wish to support the humanitarian relief effort in this region.  For more information and to donate, please visit (Source: David Lloyd)
Abaco Insurance Claims:
A letter from Abaco Insurance can be found at explaining the current claims process and how to file a claim.
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Dorian People Search -
Bahamas NEMA -
US Embassy in the Bahamas -
US Coast Guard -
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Bahamas NEMA
US Embassy in the Bahamas
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Hurricane Dorian Relief for Treasure Cay, Abaco
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NOTE: Information in these situational reports have been obtained from various sources, especially on the ground and through media. We have done our best to vet and confirm these reports, but as is the case in any massive natural disaster, it is difficult to confirm everything to be 100% accurate. If we make an error, we will work to correct it as soon as accurately possible. We will list sources as they are available. If you feel something has been reported in error, please email us at

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