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Treasure Cay Relief

October 14, 2019

Two Barges in Treasure: A barge docked in Treasure Cay earlier today. It was carrying supplies for some of the other Abaco cays in addition to supplies for Treasure Cay and the surrounding communities. This was a welcome sight to everyone on the ground.

In addition, a second barge has been working in the marina. This barge has a crane attached that has been pulling up boats that were sunk during Hurricane Dorian.

The first picture is the barge offloading supplies. The second picture is another barge pulling up boats from the bottom of the marina.

Barge Offload.jpeg

Amazon Wishlist: The response to the Amazon Wishlist has been astounding! But more items are needed, especially tools like chainsaws. If you cannot contribute directly yourself, maybe you know someone who can? Or, if you belong to a school group, church group, civic organization, or something similar, perhaps you would be interested in hosting a fundraiser to purchase some of the larger dollar items? We would appreciate the help and know that those on the ground in Treasure Cay would appreciate the support.

Items get shipped directly to our volunteer Mo’s house where coordination of getting the supplies on a boat or a flight to TC occurs on a regular basis. If you can help, please visit the Wishlist at

Engineering Assistance: We recently received a message from Steve Pece, a homeowner in Pelican Shores with some information that may be of value to other homeowners.

After the hurricane a group of Orlando people with a connection to Abaco formed a group to help in any way we could! I coordinated with the National Science Foundation to facilitate access for the Steer network (Structural Engineers) to start the assessment of building damage. Feel free to share the links below with anyone, there engineers are making multiple trips so the fulcrum map of inspections will continue to be updated. The street view map is a great tool for 2nd homeowners to see their house without having to come on island and use valuable resources. Please feel free to call or email me if you or anyone needs anything… we are all committed to rebuilding Abaco better than before! (need to zoom in on Abaco)

New Facebook Page: In an effort to further open communications to those outside of Treasure Cay, we have started a new, public Facebook page. This page will continue to be a place where we post updates to what’s happening in Treasure Cay, but as work with the North Abaco Rebuilding Initiative (NARI) progresses, we will need a space to share more about that information. This new, open page will also help provide a more public platform for fundraising efforts as they progress to help continue funding NARI. Please, like and share the page as much as possible. You can find it at

Donation Information:
Many have asked for ways to donate to rescue, relief, and recovery efforts for Treasure Cay. You can donate online to The Treasure Cay Community Foundation (TCCF) and find instructions to donate by check or how to wire donations on the website at

The Treasure Cay Community Foundation (TCCF) has also established a donor-advised fund through Canada Gives to facilitate Canadians who wish to support the humanitarian relief effort in this region. For more information and to donate, please visit (Source: David Lloyd)

Abaco Insurance Claims:
A letter from Abaco Insurance can be found at explaining the current claims process and how to file a claim.

Important Websites:
Dorian People Search -
Bahamas NEMA -
US Embassy in the Bahamas -
US Coast Guard -

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Bahamas NEMA
US Embassy in the Bahamas
US Coast Guard
Hurricane Dorian Relief for Treasure Cay, Abaco

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NOTE: Information in these situational reports have been obtained from various sources, especially on the ground and through media. We have done our best to vet and confirm these reports, but as is the case in any massive natural disaster, it is difficult to confirm everything to be 100% accurate. If we make an error, we will work to correct it as soon as accurately possible. We will list sources as they are available. If you feel something has been reported in error, please email us at

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