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Treasure Cay Relief

October 30, 2019

Water Update: Our sources on the ground have confirmed that water is now available up to the roundabout in Treasure Cay. The water is being supplied by wells located just north of Treasure Cay Airport (TCB). Water is also now available at the fire station, which we are sure makes Chief Albury incredibly happy. Pictured below is water flowing at the fire station.

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TCPOA Update: Two teams have been assembled to deal with infrastructure within Treasure Cay. The water/sewer team is being led by Mark Smiley. The power restoration team is being led by David Van de Weil. Many others are involved on the local level as well as those that are stateside and elsewhere. The intent is to work with the Bahamian utility providers to assist in getting the proper equipment in place that is needed, parts that might be needed, and other resources as requested. TCPOA Co-chairs Louis Herrera and Stacy Phillips and Treasurer Dan Proctor welcome your input and questions on the efforts to rebuild Treasure Cay. They may be contacted through

NARI Update: The North Abaco Rebuilding Initiative (NARI) is in full swing. They have contracted with Ceres Environmental (, an international disaster recovery firm with more than 37 years of experience with this type of work. NARI, through the work being done by Ceres, has made progress this week. They have delivered peel and stick for a subcontractor to reroof homes, including Livingston “Lucky” Rolle’s home pictured below. They are working on removing debris on Treasure Cay Drive on the street side and in front yards around Madeira Park. In addition, they’ve started work on cleaning up around Ozzie Parker’s three-story live/work complex. Mr. Parker is intending to rebuild the top floor so he can get all of his tenants back in ASAP.

School Bus Project: Two school buses loaded with school supplies have been donated by some very generous folks out of South Carolina. The buses were donated by Sonny Merryman, Inc of Virginia. They are currently waiting on paperwork to clear the Bahamian government process to get the buses shipped over duty and VAT free. Thank you to all who have contributed to this outstanding project.

School Bus Project.jpeg

School Is In Session: School resumed for local children in the Treasure Cay area on October 21st. They are currently using the Lifegate Church in Blackwood as their school while repairs to local schools are underway. Photos are courtesy of Bishop Terrance Strachan.

Canadian Television Report: CTV out of Canada has a straightforward report on the work being done on Abaco to recover after Hurricane Dorian. The report focuses on life after the hurricane and what is happening in the wake of the storm. You can watch the story at

Hats On For Abaco: Last week we announced a new fundraising initiative called Hats On For Abaco. This effort is intended to raise funds to help continue the work that NARI is doing for Bahamian homes and businesses. The goal is to sell over 1 million hats. So far, the effort is off to a great start, but we’ve got a long way to go. If you haven’t ordered your hat yet, head on over to and get yours today! We have volunteers standing by to ship them out. We are pleased to announce that we now have the option to pay for hats via credit card and Apple Pay in addition to PayPal.

Amazon Wishlist: The Amazon Wishlist is still alive and active. Thank you to those of you who have purchased items. They’re still coming in and the list is being updated daily with new items needed by those on the ground. If you cannot contribute directly yourself, maybe you know someone who can? Or, if you belong to a school group, church group, civic organization, or something similar, perhaps you would be interested in hosting a fundraiser to purchase some of the larger dollar items? We would appreciate the help and know that those on the ground in Treasure Cay would appreciate the support.

Items get shipped directly to our volunteer where coordination of getting the supplies on a boat or a flight to TC occurs on a regular basis. If you can help, please visit the Wishlist at

New Facebook Page: In an effort to further open communications to those outside of Treasure Cay, we have started a new, public Facebook page. This page will continue to be a place where we post updates to what’s happening in Treasure Cay, but as work with the North Abaco Rebuilding Initiative (NARI) progresses, we will need a space to share more about that information. This new, open page will also help provide a more public platform for fundraising efforts as they progress to help continue funding NARI. Please, like and share the page as much as possible. You can find it at

Donation Information:
Many have asked for ways to donate to rescue, relief, and recovery efforts for Treasure Cay. The Treasure Cay Community Foundation (TCCF) has an online effort running. Those who wish to give can visit in order to donate. Instructions on donating by check and how to wire donations are included on the website at
The Treasure Cay Community Foundation (TCCF) has established a donor-advised fund through Canada Gives to facilitate Canadians who wish to support the humanitarian relief effort in this region.  For more information and to donate, please visit (Source: David Lloyd)
Abaco Insurance Claims:
A letter from Abaco Insurance can be found at explaining the current claims process and how to file a claim.
Important Websites:
Dorian People Search -
Bahamas NEMA -
US Embassy in the Bahamas -
US Coast Guard -
Important Utility Contacts:

Water and sewage -

Bahamas electricity -

Cable - info@cablebahamas.

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NOTE: Information in these situational reports have been obtained from various sources, especially on the ground and through media. We have done our best to vet and confirm these reports, but as is the case in any massive natural disaster, it is difficult to confirm everything to be 100% accurate. If we make an error, we will work to correct it as soon as accurately possible. We will list sources as they are available. If you feel something has been reported in error, please email us at

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