The North Abaco Rebuilding Initiative

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North Abaco Rebuilding Initiative

Message # 2 - The Plan
Led by Bahamians for Bahamians
On September 17, we sent Message # 1 to to inform our community about planning being done by a small group to help the Treasure Cay Community recover. 

We will be using for our communications. 

  • Plan Name: North Abaco Rebuilding Initiative (NARI)

Mission Statement- Provide the leadership necessary for a sustainable rebuilding of Bahamian homes and businesses as defined in our plan.

  • NARI defined as: From and including Cooperstown in the north and including all Bahamian communities, Bahamian businesses and Bahamian homeowners to the south, up to and including Leisure Lee.

  • Treasure Cay Community Foundation (TCCF), which is a Florida not-for-profit corporation recognized as a community foundation under the 501 (C) (3) Section of the US IRS, is our funding source for this plan.

  • Letters of Intent and details of the plan have been delivered to Bahamian authorities and Ed Newell is working with them for the proper approvals and endorsements to be sure we meet the requirements to use US 501(C) (3) charitable contributions to fund our efforts.

Leadership Team
Team Leader,Bahamian Ed Newell-Ed is uniquely qualified to organize this, having managed a 200-person camp (Half Moon Cay) that was constructed from scratch on a deserted island. This became Carnival Cruise/Holland American cruise lines private island. He serves on the Treasure Cay Emergency Services Organization (TCESO) and Corbett Medical Boards.
Bahamian Colin Albury - Fire Chief - Safety and Fire Risk Management
Bahamian Shannon Albury– Big Cat - Heavy Equipment and Operators
Bahamian Patrice Rolle– Cooperstown and Fire Road Community Outreach
Bahamian Stanley McIntosh– Blackwood Community Outreach
Bahamian Rudy McKinney– Treasure Cay Community Outreach

Support Team
Shawn and Heidi Fay,Treasure Cay Homeowners – Supervise Disbursements
Paul Kinkley,Sand Dollar HOA President – Generator Technical Support
Bill McLean, Beach Villas HOA President – Security and Worker Housing
Paul Watson, Treasure Cay homeowner – US Logistics and Supply Chain
Tom Wheeler, Treasure Cay homeowner – Planning and Fundraising

Many NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) have been on Abaco since day one, literally savings lives and providing essential services.
Operation 300-TCESO has been working closely with Operation 300 and other NGO’s since early in the recovery and rescue effort. NARI is partnering with Operation 300 for the administrative services required to fund disbursements and manage manpower. We will be working together with them for the rebuilding of Bahamian homes and businesses in the communities listed in our Mission Statement.
Bakers Bay and Abaco Chamber of Commerce- We are in contact with Bakers Bay and the Abaco Chamber of Commerce and will work closely with them when our missions overlap.

Our Priorities
1. Support Corbett Clinic, the Community Center, and the Parsonage

  • Corbett Clinic is up and running. Heart to Heart doctors are back in the clinic side of the building and using the exam rooms.

  • The generator was recently repaired and will run 12 hours per day to supply power to the clinic and for the RO water system, utilizing the clinic wells.

  • On September 27 the clinic air conditioning was restored.

Note that the Clinic rehab, water, generator, A/C, etc., have been started and restored by different parties from NGO’s, Treasure Cay Limited (TCL), and private contractors. Thank you one and all.

  • The Community Center has been cleaned but has structural truss damage that we will be attempting to repair and stabilize. The roof trusses and roof may need to be replaced. There is no apparent safety concern.

  • The Parsonage – to be determined.

2. Support Treasure Cay Emergency Services Organization (TCESO)

  • We are receiving offers of supplies and equipment. We are evaluating those offers of equipment stateside. We are planning to repair the 4WD Chevrolet ambulance and the pumper fire truck. They will need to be returned stateside for repair. Anyone with offers of assistance should email We will reply to each email and direct them to our team members for a proper response.

3. Rebuilding Bahamian Homes and Businesses in our defined community

  • Fire risk - Debris and fallen trees in close proximity to houses are a serious fire hazard (fire load), especially as they dry out as we head into the dry season. We must first address this before we can start rebuilding homes.

  • Big Cat may start clearing the fire load as early as the week of September 30.

4. Worker Housing

  • The rebuilding will be a lengthy process and require mobilizing our Bahamian workforce and bringing in a large temporary workforce from other parts of the Bahamas, as well as other countries.

  • There is an immediate need for worker housing in Treasure Cay. After investigating numerous options, it has become clear that the Beach Villas has the best potential to provide housing for upwards of 200 workers at a small fraction of the cost of other options that have been considered.

  • Bill McLean, who is working with the NARI team on security, is also coordinating efforts to provide NARI with upwards of 50 Beach Villas that can be repaired for use as worker housing at a reasonable cost.

This plan is a work in progress.  Many obstacles need to be addressed: electric, water, sewer, disposal (Treasure Cay dump is still partially submerged.)  We have months left in the hurricane season.  Humberto, under different steering winds, could have become a major storm.

This plan will require a long-term commitment.  If we work together, we will be successful.  We invite you to get on board.

Questions may be sent to

We’ll post a Q & A on the website.
Tom Wheeler            Ed Newell            Bill McLean

Matt Kennicott