Utility Disconnect Information

Dear SBYC members,

It is with overwhelming sadness that we are sending each of you a message, following such devastation, sadness and loss. We have all had the opportunity to create, and cherish amazing friendships and enjoy wonderful times that will be held in each of our hearts and spirits forever. This is a very difficult time for us all, and we know that our friendships will support us through our complete and utter feeling of emptiness - feelings foreign to our live’s in Treasure Cay.

We know these days have paralyzed us all. However, there are a few things you may like to consider: Firstly, it is essential that you cancel/disconnect all monthly services such as your cable, electricity and water, as your bills will continue to be sent. You need to email each service and request a cancellation. You also need to include a photo of your government issued identification.

The email addresses are:

Be as explicit as possible with your account name and number, address, and the requirement that they send you confirmation. Also print (hardcopy) your email or save it just in case it is required in the future.

Love to you all,

Brenda & Frank Elliott

on behalf of SBYC

Matt Kennicott