NARI Hat by Ahead

NARI Hat by Ahead


The Treasure Cay Community Foundation (TCCF) and the North Abaco Rebuilding Initiative (NARI) have teamed up on a very special fundraiser to help rebuild Bahamian homes and businesses that were destroyed by Hurricane Dorian.

 As a way to raise needed funds for this effort, we have designed a very special hat. Each hat is $50, and the money raised will go directly to TCCF in order to fund the NARI project. Our goal is to sell one million hats in order to fund the cleanup and rebuilding efforts.

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NARI is a rebuilding plan put together by Bahamians to help Bahamians rebuild their homes and businesses in North Abaco. Not a single home or business has escaped the devastating destruction of Hurricane Dorian.

NARI is being assisted by Treasure Cay homeowners, but none of these funds will be used for non-Bahamian homes or businesses.

There are serious health and safety issues with debris that is not being addressed by the Bahamian Government. The fire risk from debris and down trees is very real as we head into the dry season. NARI has contracted with Ceres, an expert disaster recovery firm that began cleaning streets in Treasure Cay on Saturday, October 19th. (Ceres Link Inserted Here)

Local Bahamian firms will be assisting. This is a massive undertaking that cannot be handled by local contractors alone. The risks to health from disease and fire are real and ignoring them could be catastrophic. That is why NARI has stepped up to this task.

Once the cleanup is under control, NARI will begin helping Bahamians with rebuilding their homes and businesses. This effort will be long term. The goal is to rebuild homes to a higher standard, so they better withstand the next storm. If we can raise enough money, destroyed homes can be built to the latest Miami Dade County hurricane building standards. In addition, we can build community centers that can serve as shelters.